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Full Version: HP41CX on HP48GX Rom Image
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Hello all,

I was able to get hrastprogrammer HP41 emulator running on my HP48GX. But only the HP41CV rom version.

I have all the raw rom images that I think are available and I have been trying to make a HP41CX they way the directions say but am having no luck with the 41CX roms.

I am using Greg Dunn's great perl utilty to try to turn the raw images into *.lst files but they are rejected by the setup program as incorrect files.

I used Greg's utility to make a *.lst file for the emu41 and it works great. PPC, Games and other roms work great.

But no joy with the HP48 emulator.

Actually all I really want is the time module for my programs. I don't need X-memory. It would be nice to have it all but right now I would just like to get the time working in the emulator.

Has anybody had success or know where I can get the proper *.lst files for the HP41CX that will work with the emulator?

Thanks for your time.


I have a CX version of the emulator,
and maybe the ROM's as separate files, too.

Just drop me a note,