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Full Version: HP 71B Service Manual
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Does anyone have a copy of the 71B Service Manual?

It's not called 'Service Manual' directly, but the HP-71B IDS (Internal Design Specification) ,

and also the Hardware IDS from the hpmuseum DVD could be of help.




Yes sure, the 71B service manual is available here.



Thanks for the link, very useful! One question, does anyone have the service ROM for the 71b that is mentioned in the manual? I have a CMT eprom burner and would love to burn an image on on of my modules...



Won't work, unfortunately. The service ROM is a fix-address "takeover" ROM, and the CMT EPROM modules only support dynamic addressing.

Bummer :-(

Thanks Eric!



Hi all,

Ok, CMT (from the eighties) cannot deal with it...

Anyhow, is the Diag ROM image available elsewhere, any-where?

Just to give it a go with some up to date technology... ;-))



Good point!! All in favor of this - yey!

Let me know if I can be of any help in this endeavor Diego (if we can locate a service rom...) - purchasing agent, shipping clerk, suitcase carrier (well, maybe not the last one...)



Have a look at this old thread, the Diag ROM exists!

Actually Jan Buitenhuis was so kind to give me (Thanks again, Jan, if you are still around) one of his Diag module, and I was able to extract the ROM content (16kb) despite the difficulties due to the take-over nature of the module. The Diag Rom doesn't run inside Emu71, because my emulator doesn't simulate all the hardware details, so until we have a 'Clonix71', the Diag Rom image is useless....