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Full Version: Programming my hp 42s
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It has been 10+ years since I last programmed my hp-42s, but I am ready to learn again. I was trying to input MVAR (menu variable) as part of a program. Actually, I was trying to input the program as defined on page 193 of the users' manual: "time value of money". I used the pgm.fcn key, tabbed to MVAR, but I assume the next step would be choosing the input variable (like the letter N). An input variable choice is not visible, the only thing showing is the number 4733 in the lower left hand corner. I am stuck with MVAR "_ _ _", waiting for my instructions. Am I inputting the MVAR function incorrectly? Help!

I don't have the manual or the calculator here with me to be sure of what I'm saying, but I think the calculator first gives you a choice of already created variables or, if your variable does not already exist, then you can type a new variable by entering the ALPHA menu.

So, once you are in MVAR "_ , go to ALPHA and type in your variable name.

I hope this works!

Hi, David.

Fernando has already given the guidelines, so try this (if you have not yet succeded):

[pgm.fcn] [MVAR]
[ENTER] (same as ALPHA)
[NOPQ] [N]

Repeat this procedure for I%YR, PV, PMT...

Hope it helps.