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Full Version: MCODE Triangle Solutions
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Does any one have a listing for the triangle solutions in Machine code? Mainly the ones from the Math Module.
Please let me know.

For the 41C? The math module doesn't contain MCODE.

For the 71B, the math module is in MCODE, but I don't recall it having triangle solutions. HP didn't publish a listing of the math module, although one person that participates in the forum here is said to have disassembled it.

Thanks for responding. I knew the Math Rom for the HP-41C/CV/CX was not in MCODE. I was wondering if anyone has ever written MCODE versions of the same programs.
Please let me know,

Have you checked for the SandMath ROM, available on TOS ?



Would there be any particular advantage to implementing it in MCODE? Since it's not iterative, it doesn't seem like the speedup would be that significant.

For HP41 please refer to the AECROM

Regards - Christoph Klug