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Full Version: HP IR Printer 82240A/B What's the difference between them?
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Hi all... I just purchased a 19BII off eBay ,and I want to get an IR printer, does anybody know what the difference is between the 82240A and the 82240B printers? Are they both compatible with the 19BII?

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The basic differences are the character set -slightly different, expanded in the B version- and a one-dot extra space line added to the printout (text only) of the B version. In fact, the extra space line results from shrinking the text by one line. If I am not wrong, there is also a LED -ON- in the B version that does not exist in the A version. If I am wrong, we'll soon know.

The B version replaced the A one shortly after it's been launched.


The B also have some power saving features. Purchase a B. Because they go for around the same price more or less [ assuming you're buying on ebay]