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Full Version: CAS for the 48-GX
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Hello all,

please tell me how and where I can get a CAS (Computer-Algebra-System) to load into my 48-GX. I like the feature but don't want to buy an 49G just for the CAS. I'm looking for both- a downloadable system as well as a RAM Card version for my 48.

Thanks for your help.

Matt A.



search for CAS48 or alike there.



Hi Matt,

Take a look at www.hpcalc.org. There you can find the CAS for the HP48G(X). It's called erable and it's developed by Bernard Parisse, the creator of the HP49G CAS.

It's however a package of 85+ KB, so you need at least 128KB RAM.

A direct link to the search-result page is: