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Full Version: hp 41C for a smile!
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I go to thrift stores to look for slide rules that people donate, and over the past five years I have found some real gems especially at one particular store in Fargo North Dakota.
This morning while on this search, I became the owner of a 41C in the box with it's manuals, and some ads. The calculator was in a short case made for the 41 series, the long case was in the box and upon picking it up, discovered that case contained a card reader. The 41 has 2 mem mods plugged in. The only thing that I can detect wrong with it is the 1 key is stiff. Alas, I do not have a card to test the card reader as I have none and none were in the box. I also became the owner of a TI 58C in the box with everything, and I mean everything including an extra 58C, both work and one looks brand new.
I asked for slide rules, the young girl, confessing her ignorance as to what they were, asked me what they were for. I told her, she said "I do not have any put back, but I have these that I removed from the shelves this morning. They will not sell, and I need room for China." The calcs were on the counter, and I could not belive my eyes. "How much" I asked, she said, "I was going to put them in the Trash, but since you have a really nice smile like my Dad, you can have them." Lightning does strike occasionally, and they are nice, but I probably will not keep them, I have a 48SX that I use and a 33s and that's good enough.
I guess there are finds still out there that can be had for a song and a dance, or a smile. It does pay to be nice!
Be good.
Bill Drylie

I am moving! Now where is the address to that store.

Got to make your day. What type of slides, I prefer the major engineering 6 inches like the Post 1461 which I have restored 5 with new glasses.

Cheers, geoff

Hi Geoff;
I collect Hemmi, Nestler, and Fabers. I have a really nice hemmi64 with the C cursor that has the pinned celluloid on the bamboo, circa 1933 or 1934. I got it at a thrift store in Minnesota. It looks new and is one of the smoothest sliding rules I have. I did not have to do anything to it. Most of the rules I find, just need a light cleaning. I found a Nestler Darmstadt two weeks ago in a Nestler walnut box In Moorehead Minnesota for Two Dollars. It did not need any cleaning. Looks like someone got tired of it and dumped it off!


Bill, Would you be willing to part with the TI-58C package? I am looking for a complete package in the box. Dan

Hi Dan;
Sure, contact me off forum to my e-mail address. We can discuss it there.

William Drylie

I've got a Post 1461, and its big brother, the 1460.

Unfortunately, both were taken from a sales display, so each has a ~1/16" screw hole in it.

I tried to contact you off the forum, but when I click on your name, it says email address is not available. My email is my last name at sbcglobal.net