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Full Version: HP-41C: Reading ROM contents
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I own an HP-41C without any ZENROM, CCD-ROM etc. Just some application modules (Advantage, PPC ROM etc.)

Is it possible to read the contents (simply the bytes) of a selected ROM (using software) with this minimal configuration? Any synthetic programs which could help me here?

I know that in the last century (...well, in 1980/81) there were some folks from Australia working on reading the ROM contents, but I'm not sure whether this was the final solution to the problem.


I don't know the answer to this concerning a "naked" HP41,
but what about one with a CCD-ROM? This ROM contains a
function to call an arbitrary procedure in ROM. So what's
in principle is missing is some location in some public
ROM which does a readrom (sp?) instruction (with IIRC
the address in X); then everything else can be synthesized
in user code.

I doubt there is such a suitable code snippet anywhere in the System ROMs, but maybe in some other ROM, maybe even
in the CCD-ROM itself. Does anyone know an address?