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Full Version: TI-59 with printer
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this is off topic since it is not a HP but a TI-59:

A TI-59 for sale (auction) for 250 swedish crowns (I guess 40-50 US$) Note: The seller says the key to disconnect the calculator from the printer unit is missing. You have to register if you want to buy the item.

TI-59 for sale

4 hours left.

// Frank


A TI-59 for sale (auction) for 250 swedish crowns (I guess 40-50 US$)

Sorry to say that, but this price is ridiculous. A good Ti-59 can be bought for less than 10 Euros and the PC-100C printer is a typical 1-Euro-item (because of the relatively high shipping charges). With keys and a couple of paper rolls of course :-)

Greetings, Max

I am not a really collector (have only 3 HP and one RPN-Mathbox). Did not know that these fine old calculators are that cheap. Had one of these at our surveyor-office back in 84. But already then these birds were stone-edge and collecting dust in a drawer. I pulled it out since I thought it looked so cool and did some easy programming only for fun.

I've more than one (TI-59 as well as PC-100) and the devices are -ahem- problematic.

TI-58/59: Keyboard is prone to bouncing up to the state of complete uselessness.

TI-59: Card reader fails

PC-100: The printheads or the drivers may be blown, the controller can be defective or the complete board is more or less destroyed by corrosion because of gas leakage by the batterie pack left in the charger compartment of the printer over years.

Just buy such a combo only, if the seller guarantees that every piece works and there is no battery pack left in the printer. And you will need the key!