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Full Version: Fullnut/Halfnut, what do I keep?
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I have both a fullnut and halfnut 41CX. Both are perfect, except for a bit of dust in the fullnut display. I'm thinking of selling one of them.

I like the contrast and font size of the fullnut, but think that the innards of the halfnut may be more reliable over time.




Seriously, I had to make a similar decision 20 years ago about which version to speed-up. Per the speed-up product that I bought in 1987 or 1988 from Educalc, the speed-up worked better on the halfnut versions, they would attain a higher speed from the clock doubling circuit. So, if you ever would want to speed up your HP-41, keep the halfnut. Dan

Hi, Egan --

Yes indeed, the fullnut display units are better than the halfnut display unit, due to less space between the segments. I have a 1980 HP-41C, a 1984 HP-41CX, and a 1986 HP-41CV. The fullnut 41C has the most "solid" characters; the fullnut 41CX has slimmer but taller characters, and the halfnut 41CV has the characteristic abstract-looking characters with too much space.

On reliability, I'll note that both of my fullnuts arrived via commercial air (USPS Priority Mail) malfunctioning and in need of service. Ultrasonic cleaning and some soldering by www.fixthatcalc.com restored perfect functionality. A collegue at work also has a fullnut HP-41C that exhibits the same symptoms as mine did. My halfnut 41CV was purchased locally and has performed flawlessly.

Perhaps a fullnut, with an occasional servicing, could give as many years of use as a halfnut model, but (almost?) all fullnuts are older than any halfnut -- the changeover in design occurring in 1985.

-- KS

Edited: 3 Apr 2008, 2:57 a.m.

I would agree with Dan, keep both.

Assuming that the price of a Hp41C is not going to drop over the coming years, there is always the slight possibility that one of your units gives up earlier, however with good care and fixthatcalc around I would doubt that anything irreparable can happen. But then there are always those other influences - kids, dogs, cats, milk, coffee,... that can interfere.

Keeping two would also allow you to have two units configured for different uses. Say one for playing with X10/IO/HP-IL and the other more for MCODE, or printing or simply daily use.

Basically I would assign a higher option value to having a second, perfectly preserved unit to the cash value of selling it right now.



Best regards from V.

I could not agree more. I have 4 41's: C, CV and 2* CX and I will not ditch any of them!


My latest count is at 19 HP-41* (C/CV/CX/halfnut/fullnut/blanknut).
Maybe I could let go a couple of them, but which ones? Mmmmm...