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Full Version: HP 200LX - Install DOS Applications based on Zip Files
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Hi Everybody,

Does anybody know the most efficient and easiest way to install bigger DOS applications like DBaseIV or Windows 1.x to the HP 200LX?

Problem: from the Web many DOS applications are available for free download, however, simply to unzip the files and to run setup.exe does not help all the time, since you are often asked to enter "disk1" or to enter "setup disk".

Does somebody know a more sexy way than just "creating" physical disks to overcome the problem?

Many Thanks, Roland


the following works in many cases (not always):

Either create a directory called 'disk1', and put the installation files into that dir,

or create a file called 'disk1' within the directory of the installation files.

If the installer asks for a different name, or more 'disks', then act accordingly, of course;-)

IIRC I installed Windows from a plain directory, with the suitable

files names as placeholders for the individual setup disks.

About the Windows installation: You can use Windows 3.0 ,

not sure if 3.1 will work, but 3.11 doesn't, as it needs a real 286 or 386.

I had Windows run even with a serial mouse connected, which made it somewhat more usable.

It's nice to see Windows 'run' (or better walk) on the 200LX,

but after all it's not too efficient, given the limited power of the 200LX.

I'd rather stick with the given DOS extender, or maybe try GEOS.



I don't have a 200LX but for many DOS apps I want to install on a machine without floppy I would install them on another DOS machine and simply transfer the whole directory over and then edit the autoexec.bat and config.sys to match if neccesary.


GEOS looks good, do you know where to find/get the 80186 Version?

Thanks, Roland

Hi Roland,

Wikipedia points to some interesting locations regarding GEOS downloads;-)

Apart from that: Please take a look at the HP OmniGo 100 or 120,

as this machine actually _is_ a 100/200 LX equipped with GEOS;-)




Edited: 2 Apr 2008, 4:46 p.m.