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Full Version: Not an HP but question about Nixie
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I have a Monroe 650 Nixie calculator (actually a couple). They are very nice machines.

Anyway, there is one function that I have not been able to figure out.

There is a 3 position switch that has an up arrow on the left, a down arrow on the right and a 5/4 in the middle. No matter what position it is in, I don't see a difference.

Anyone have a suggestion what this switch is for. It's not a decimal point. There is another switch for that.



That's a rounding off switch. I think the 5/4 means it'll round down if the decimal is .4xxx and round up if the decimal is .5 or higher.


It is a 3 position switch.

When to the left (with the arrow pointing up), it always rounds up, regardless of number.

When to the right (with the arrow pointing down), it always rounds down, regardless of number.

When at 5/4, it rounds up if non-displayed part is 5xxx and down if 4xxx.