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Full Version: Documentation fonts
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Hi there.

Some time ago I created some fonts for Macintosh, which I uploaded to the Museum. These fonts let you use a word processor to create documentation for HP calculator procedures or programs, mimicking the way displays and printers look. Since then, I have made several changes in the fonts and created a couple of new ones, but they are still for Macintosh only.

What I'd like to know is whether there is enough interest in this to warrant extensive research as to how to convert said fonts to Windows for (much wider) usage of our members.

One of the fonts, for example, looks exactly the way HP-41 displays work. Using MS Word, it's possible to print a line of text using this font on light gray background, giving the impression that you're looking at the HP-41 display. Another font contains symbols necessary to create "keyboard" keys. For instance, if you type ´STO¨ (acute-STO-umlaut) and use the font, it looks like a STO key on a standard HP calculator, complete with rounded corners and border.

Please let me know if you'd like to have these fonts! And if you know how to convert the fonts from Mac to Windows, let me know that too; it will save me countless hours of brain-wracking.


Yup I for one would like a set.

There is a programme called Font Creator that converts graphics formats into fonts. It is shareware and I am going to use it to create a font from a friends script. This may work - I don't know.

I have wanted fonts for the HP-41 and HP42S for years(!). From time to time I have asked around (here and elsewhere in the digital universe), but never even got a response. If you are willing to make these fonts for the Windows environment, you will be providing a service of immense value to the HP community. I, for one, will vote to raise you to calculator saint-hood.