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Full Version: HP 50g
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I really don't Like the HP 50g I have an old 48s which I love.

1) Why does the hp50g keep switching to Radians?
I used right arrow Q to change ".375"
to 3/8 and it went to Radians.
hp48s does not.

2) I like to use the soft keys to solve an equation like the 48s.
(Hold right shift & number 7) ROOT > SOLVER)
When I solve the same multiple equation in equation in the library
it doesn't have the NXEQ soft key and it doesn't show the equation. Why?

3) What is the easy way to keep my own equations. The 48s had a
list to pick from does the 50g? I hate NUM.SLV> SOLVE EQUATION.
Can I have the soft key way to solve an equation like the 48s?

Later JeReMy

->Q is a CAS function. CAS seems to be married to the RAD setting.

The solver has been changed from the 48S to the 48G. I couldn't find the equation list in the 48G either.