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Full Version: Lower case alphabet for the hp35s?
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I am new to the HP-35s. I looked at the equation list and found that there are two built-in equations displayed:

2*2 lin solve

3*3 lin solve

I have found that I can place some lower case letters and some other characters into messages by entering permissible functions from the table on page 6-16 of the manual and deleting characters that I don't want. For example if I wanted the message b -> r I can enter b from the linear regression menu, ->lb, and nPr and see the sequence b->LB(nPr(,)) in the display. Using the cursor keys, the delete key and space I can get the display I want. Using techniques like that I can assemble most of the the characters in the linear solve prompt but I can't find a way to get v or e.

That suggests to me that there must be a way to get all of the lower case letters, but after two scans of tha manual I haven't been able to find it. Can anyone help?

Hi Palmer,

Take a look at this earlier thread:

35s - can you display this?

Gene Wright gives a list of available lower case leters and how to generate them.



Thanks for the reference. I note that one can use the reverse of the old typewriter trick of using a lower case L for a number 1 and use a 1 for lower case L.


As time goes by it looks like the HP35s is just another lemon... Why bother about it then? After some feedback about the silver HP17bII+ here, to me it's obvious HP will never produce decent calculator hardware again.


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As time goes by it looks like the HP35s is just another lemon...

Let's face it. The HP35s is not one of the great calculators with breakthrough technology in the manner of the original HP-35, the HP-65, the TI-59, the HP-41, the HP-15C and the Casio fx-7000G. However, it does seem to have the potential to be a "workhorse" since it has a lot of memory even though it is painfully slow. The one I have does have some keyboard problems where the worst one is a tendency of the R/S key to double enter.