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...does anybody know how to open it?
Thanks in advance!

Many HP calculators have the screws underneath the rubber feet,

some also have screws covered with informational stickers,

and/or behind a plastic cap, like the HP-65 and 67.

I don't have a 19C right here (they're all packed away),

but I suspect the screws to be in the usual places, as mentioned above.



Hi Raymond,

Thanks for your reply. There are 3 screws underneath: 2 in the battery compartment and 1 close to the charger receptacle. I have unscrewed all 3 but the two halfes were still in place.
I'm not willing to try under the back label in order to keep its original condition unless I'm sure there are more screws.

Thanks anyway!


there are 4 crews: 2 in the battery compartment, one under the rubber feet on the top and one near the connection for the charger.
If you have removed these screws it will open more or less lik a shell with the hinges at the bottom side of the calculator.

There are NO screws under the lable!.

Hope this helps


Hi, Back again, I forgot to say, if you need some pictures of the opened HP19C to the places for the scres, send me message please or leave your e-mail address.


Hi Ronald

I knew some expert guy would know how to do it! I'll give a try and let you know then.

Many thanks!