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Full Version: HP 97 printer paper?
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I just resurrected an HP97 that is well used but appears fully functional. I tested the printer with a few inches of paper left but haven't found a replacement source...where is there a suitable paper available?


Well, I know this will sound incredibly wasteful and not eco-friendly...but here goes. Just go to OfficeMax (or Depot), and grap a pack of the THERMAL printing-calculator printer rolls. They print in black, whereas the old HP paper printed in blue. Now the wasteful part: take a new spool and put it on a pencil, hold in your hand, and give it a big spin to start reeling-off paper. The reason: these new-fangled rolls of paper are too large to fit in the 97 bay. If you roll-off about 1/4 (maybe 1/3) of the roll, they will fit in the holder.

Even though this wastes a lot of paper, it is much cheaper than buying "official HP replacement" rolls of paper. The same procedure goes for the newer infrared HP printer too. Now I can't guarantee them like HP would theoretically guarantee its paper, but I have never experienced any problems.



Just to know if it can be done or not. Original HP Thermal Paper used to get a hard tube in the inner part of the roll. As Bruce explained, would it be possible to use one of these disposed tubes so the reeling-off paper will be reused? If possible, it would not be wasted.

Just to know if it is possible... I do not know what kind of thermal paper we have here in Brazil, but I feel as having to do a research for this.


In the event you still want "HP" paper try these folks.




Look under the "Hardware - Calculator" section.


I just saw some thermal paper at Target (store in the USA) yesterday that sells replacement paper. Look where they sell calculators. I have never had the problem that the paper does not fit in the holder.

Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples all sell NCR thermal paper. They have it in long and short rolls. The short rolls are around 80 feet long and fit the HP machines perfectly. They cost around 9 dollars for a 9 roll pack. They also have a three roll pack for around $4.50. I have found the NCR paper works much better than the regular HP paper. It prints cleaner and darker. It also seems much smoother and should not wear the print head as much.


It sounds like you have multiple solutions from the other
postings. I just thought I would add that I think CalcPro
(www.calcpro.com) still sells the actual HP paper needed,
which, I think, is the same paper used in the 41 series

Good luck,

Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico

OK, thanks to all...I wasn't sure whether there was any difference in the thermal printheads of the older calculators versus the newer that one needed to be aware of. (And, of course, all the HP lit says is "use HP", not anything about useful specifications for matching <G>)

I also found the NCR paper in the 80 (or 85?) ft roll for my 82240 IR printer. I haven't yet got to the end of a roll, but I remember reading somewhere that HP made this warning about third party paper for these printers: if the end of the paper is glued to the cardboard core (not the case with HP paper), there will be an excessive load on the motor when you get to the end of the roll.