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Full Version: HP-71B time functions?
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Just recieved an HP-71B af a trade for an HP-42S. I have no manual for it (so I might want to buy one).
What is the syntax for the time functions? I know that there is eg. a SETTIME command, but executing "SETTIME 12.0000" dosen't seem to affect the result of "TIME" or "TIME$" executions...
Is it possible to have the time running in the display on request, or does this require a Basic program?


You have to enter SET TIME "12:00:00" in 24-hour format to get the desired result.

As a general rule, ou can enter the SET TIME string or number in exactly the same format you get after executing TIME$ or TIME.

BTW: TIME returns the seconds after midnight.

You can use a BASIC Program, but there was a small LEX file (machine program), which fulfills that purpose as a background job. This program will also save space on the display. I have to research for the name.

I should have it somewhere on one of my disks.