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Full Version: 9100B
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Hi, I have the chance to buy a 9100B, which doesn't work.
Can anyone tell me, whether it makes sense to buy a HP 9100B, that looks allright but can't be switched on?
Is there a market to sell it again?


Whether or not the machine is repairable depends on who you are... There are basically 3 parts of the 9100B you can't get any more -- the power transformer (which could be rewound if you have a lot of time/patience), the CRT (which, alas is often damaged in shipping) and the bare circuit boards. Remember that the main ROM is formed by coupling between the tracks on one of the boards, so at least that board is _very_ crictical.
Juat about everythign else that's likely to fail is replaceable. It's all fairly stnadard transistors and diodes in there.
The problem is that there is _no_ official service information for the processor chassis. Just a manual telling you to swap boards :-(. At least one madman (I am not saying who) has figured out quite a bit of it, though so it is possible to
trace many faults given time and electronic experience (and good luck!). If you're not used to working on complex circuits with minimal documentation then you probably are not going to
trace many of the faults that could occur in a 9100B. As regaards reselling it, I have no idea. I have never wanted to sell any HP product -- they're too much fun to want to pass them on :-)