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OK I need a spot of help in completing the following table as I'm trying to work out how the HP29C and HP67 calculators display the following instruction in PRGM mode...

           HP33C        HP10C           HP34C           HP11C
STO 0 xx- 23 0 xx- 44 0 xxx- 23 0 xxx- 44 0

STO + 0 xx-23 51 0 xx-44 40 0 xxx-23,51, 0 xxx-44,40, 0

STO + .0 n/a n/a n/a n/a

A n/a n/a xxx- 13 11 xxx- 32 11
(gto A) (gsb a)

Thank you

Mike T.


xxx STO    33 00
xxx STO+0 33 61 00
xxx A 31 22 11

Hope this helps.


Thank you - I'm still curious about STO+.0 as at least one other source indicates that that function is valid (and I've found two other sources that lead me to believe that is is a valid operation on the HP29C).
Mike T.

If anyone out there has an HP29C they can try this on and let me know the result your help would be appreciated. I'd like to incorporate the improvements I made to my HP67 simulator in my HP29C simulation and how (or even if) 'sto +/-x .nn' is displayed is something I could do with resolving..

Thanks in advance.

Mike T.

I don't have a 29C, but I have a 19C, which is identical except for the keyboard layout (and thus the displayed keyboard row and column numbers are also different).

It displays STO+.0 as:

45 41 .0

The first two are the keycodes for STO and + respectively, which would be different on the 29C.


Edited: 10 Mar 2008, 4:00 p.m.


xxx STO 23 00

xxx STO+0 23 51 00

xxx STO+.0 23 51 .0

xxx A N/A

Please let me know if you need further information.


That will do very nicely for now - many thanks.

Mike T.