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Full Version: HP 75D help
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I have had a new-found interest in HP calculators, and I happened to remember that a friend had given me a funny little computer a year or so ago as opposed to throwing it in the trash. I couldn't figure out how to get it to work, or turn it on, so I stuck it in a drawer and kinda forgot about it. Today, I remembered that I thought it had an HP logo on it. I dug it out and inspected it more closely. I realised that it had the "classic" style battery pack, and it was a little white on the edges from leaking. I cleaned the battery pack up and the battery compartment, and took the battery pack apart and removed the ni-cad cells, and found that I could wedge some alkaline batteries in it, and i put it back in the calculator. I couldn't find an on/off switch anywhere, so I started pushing some buttons. The calculator came on, but I can't seem to figure out what exactly to do with it, or how to turn it off. I have a bunch of magnetic cards for it, and I have the wand and RS-232 interface somewhere. Does anyone know how to use this calculator, or know of some website that has the manual somewhere? How do I program it? What can it do? How do I load programs in from the cards? Any help would be appreciated.

Ian Primus

This is more of a BASIC computer than a calculator. Try entering a simple BASIC program.

The manual set is over an inch thick and is available on CD here if you like. You can also try for an original manual in the classifieds section, or see this site for an overview.