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Full Version: OT: Great Texas TI 58/59 Compiler.
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TI58/59 Compiler Link

Texas TI 58C/59 Lives! :-)

Thanks. Very interesting work!

Very interesting!!!


I had written a little perl script, asm35, that did (a subset of) something very similar for HP 35s programs. Although the line number addressing of the 35s is great in that it frees up labels, it's a pain to keep track of line numbers while initially writing a program.

My "compiler" lets me use symbolic labels, much as one would use in assembly language (hence the name "asm35"), and figures out the line numbers as it compiles. The output is an HTML file, which I included directly in my web pages (for example, http://www.stefanv.com/calculators/hp35s_curve_fitting.html).


The output of your script looks quite a bit like the output from my 35s assembler albeit mine produces text output...

Mine is written in C and anybody who wants a copy of the source just ask...

- Pauli