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Full Version: How to list an HP85 ?
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I've got a heap of HP85 parts to sell. Listing them separately will be very tedious (and likely to leave me with a handful that don't sell) but selling as a single item will make it collection-only (there's an Hp85, some disc drives, lots of manuals and accessories) from a UK address.

I'm out of touch with what's interesting (and pleasantly surprised at the price an 85 just went for on ebay). How should I split it, if at all ? One large, heavy lot and a few smaller, more postable lots ? Is there anything in the HP85 world that's especially interesting ?

And yes, if you're in the UK and want the lot you'd be very welcome to inspect it and make an offer.

Perhaps photos would help the buyer decide on an offer, Sam

Do a high buy-it-now with best offer... And I agree, lots of pictures and description.

Thanks. It sounds as though I need to do at least _some_ preparation. And I'm sure there's another box of bits somewhere.

I'll put a list together and then mention it in the ads section.


Jeff : i got your email but the return address doesn't work. Please write again with a valid address in the email body.