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Full Version: On a very positive note about HP collecting:
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To HP Forum:

As a psychiatrist, as well as an avid HP calculator fan, I may be a little more qualified to make this observation. Or not. But here it is:

I've been re-involved with this hobby for over 18 months, now. During this time, I have made contacts and friends through this forum, and by contacting my "competitors" on eBay. Everyone has been geniunely interested in helping me with this pursuit. Invaluable amounts of help and information have been shared with me on this forum.

Recently, when I expressed a need for some parts (an ACT chip), an offer was made by a forum member to send them to me. When I asked what he wanted for them and offered postage, his reply was. "Take what you need. Tell the world how it goes, and then pass them along to someone else. Let me know how it turns out!" (essentially)

I now believe that, for some reason, for the most part, the people who have traits that make them value and collect HP calculators are also people who seem to have many other very wonderful traits. I have met some of the most friendly, bright, caring, sharing, honest, giving, and patient people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

With all the bad or "negative" news about the changes in the calculator industry, etc., I felt it important and wanted to share this observation.

I can't imagine a group of people could have better qualities than those who spend time on this forum. (except maybe a forum involving something to do with naked co-eds playing volleyball... Just kidding. There's hundreds of those, and only one HP Forum!)

HP collectors ROCK!

Have a great day, and happy programming,

i'm showing that last post to the wife. all that time soldering on and programing useless old antiques has to be ok if a shrink says its good. btw michael; do you have a web address for any of thoes other worthy forums?


I'll look up those other forums! I felt a little strange when I started this hobby. It was actually a patient of mine that said, "gee, Doc, is that any different than people restoring old cars or old furniture?"

Since then, I've decided that any hobby can be useful to help people stay sane and happy; an escape from the everyday stressful stuff. As my hobbies have come, gone, and changed, this has been my favorite.


I've noticed the cameraderie here - and it's quite similar to what I find in other well-focused interest groups in which I'm involved (ham radio, firearms). Not really unique - I think that when smart, focused, like-minded folks get together for serious hobby interests there's a lot of openness & generosity. Much different than prof organizations where folks are fighting for stature, fortune (survival?)...



Thanks for the "reality check." I'm glad to hear you've encountered the same positives in other forums. I didn't mean to sound too exclusive.... but I still think there's a connection between people who appreciate HP calcs and other positive qualities. But then, I might be a little bit biased.