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Full Version: HP-71B ROM Transfers - Possible? How?
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Say I have an application ROM. Can that data be transferred to a file, say on a Digital Data Drive or battery backed up RAM, such that:

1) if stored on the Digital Data Drive, it can be downloaded to a RAM Module and executed as if it were the original ROM


2) if it is transferred to a battery backed up RAM be executed as if it were in the original ROM?

Is there such a transfer program or process? Where?


PEEK$ prohibits peeking out of protected files. There were some special tools (for example a PEEK$ without this check) and some copy programs (I believe).

Normally you create a TEXT file in the same size, peek the data out of the protexted source file nibble for nibble and poke it into the text file. Then you change the file header of the text file to the type of the original file and you have a perfext copy. You can do this file for file.

Remember, that non-protected files can be copied simply with COPY.
This method doesn't work with the FORTH/Assembler and the translator ROM.

I can check my collection of software and send you such a program.

Is it a special module or one of the common HP ROMs ?


I copied the Text Formatter from ROM and made a listing. It wasn't using PEEK's, I'm just not that good (smart, experienced). So, what other simple command would do the same?


This ROM isn't protected, I believe.
I'll check some of my ROMs later.

Then it's surely easiest to use COPY .
Seems I'm thinking a little too complicated.

The easiest way is to use the ROMCOPY function (ROMCOPY lex I believe) that was made by HP. You can save an entire ROM image on disk, then load it in a RAM module.

Hey thanks, that was the name.
Seems it's a lot easier now to find the file on my disks...

I found the romcopy lex but I did not found the parameter description. Can somebody send them to me (us)?
Thanks a lot,