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Full Version: Are Seiko/Epson RAM cards compatible with the HP 48GX?
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I have one Seiko 128K RAM card for the HP 48GX, doesn´t have battery, when I put on my 48GX shows nothing, including when I do the autotest of the cards. (ON-D)


The cards for the 48SX and 48GX were customized versions of the Seiko/Epson cards (non-PCMCIA) that would work down to a lower voltage. The standard cards can cause problems as the calculator's batteries get low.

ON-D gets you to test mode, but how do you go from there to testing the card?

While the three vertical lines are shown, simply press the up-arrow key.

This will test both port 1 and port 2 RAM non-destructively.

Don't worry if both ports are shown as on address #90000,

they're simply reconfigured during the test.



Thank you!