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Full Version: The Unmentionable Auction Website
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I saw that the unmentionable auction website is raising final value fees and doing all kind of things about feedback. Seems like they are trying to appease buyers and soak sellers. Is anyone here listing vintage calculators on Bidville or Amazon or anything else like that? Is anyone going to switch to listing on those or any others?

I think they are moving fees away from listing to sales - IMHO a very good idea, as this will allow more (valuabe) junk to be listed. As long as it doesn't raise the overall cost and they have implemented some filtering against mass spam listing (eek, I still remember mobile phone covers flooding every single category) the changes make ebay a bit more attractive again.

Actually, they are not dropping the listing fees that much, and the rise of the final value fees is a lot...

Sellers will pass it all along to buyers in the end. And the unmentionable auction website is pulling some feedback tricks and stuff about shipping fees so that sellers will reduce the handling ripoff amounts.

I am just wondering about where else to look for calculators. Will I have to change my name to Mad Dog amazoncalcnut or Mad Dog bidvillecalcnut or something else?

Edited: 29 Jan 2008, 3:24 p.m.

Why you'd want the name of anyone else's web site as part of your "handle", whether it be eBay or anyone else, is beyond my comprehension. But to each their own.

..Will I have to change my name to Mad Dog amazoncalcnut or Mad Dog bidvillecalcnut or something else..

How about using your real name instead of a pseudo ?

Could be seen as more friendly and polite by other posters...

Not that I like eBay that much, but I wonder if MadDog's just trying to get people here to sell on a lower profile site so he can get some better deals. ;^)

Naaah, probably not. Just a crazy thought.

Edited: 30 Jan 2008, 12:30 p.m.

Maybe his real name IS Mad Dog????!!!!!!!!



As my grandmother used to say: Stay away from mad dogs! d;)

No, I am not. I am asking if people plan to list on other sites. I imagine anything on non-eBay sites would be buy-it-now or high reserve to insure fair prices...

Edited: 31 Jan 2008, 5:45 a.m.

Well, you're asking in the wrong place. It seems that most of the people here are on the buying end of the transactions, not the selling end.

It seems unlikely to me that calculators sellers will abandon eBay in droves. The eBay changes aren't *that* bad for sellers. And if sellers did start moving elsewhere in droves, eBay would backpedal.


Funny enough, my handle used to be ebaycalcnut. Then you asked me why I seem so anti-Hudendai and why do I hound him like a "Mad Dog". I liked that, so I renamed myself Mad Dog ebaycalcnut.

Incidentally, I am not especially anti-Hudendai. In fact, his auction descriptions have been top-notch for a long time. In the past, I have criticized a couple of his auctions, but I have criticized other sellers' auctions too. He does seem to really dislike me for some reason even though I am complimentary to him nowadays.

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