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Full Version: Wickes' Synthetic PRGM for the HP41
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that's a bit off-topic, but I would like asking for a favor from one good soul of yours.

I was once given a photocopy (I do not do that, but a gift is a gift...) of the famous Synthetic Programming for the HP41C (W.C.Wickes), that I keep in a place I thought as safe. After digging my old stuff, I found it and... where is the last page? That tricky Poe's version of The Crow for the HewPack World is lost.

Dave, if you allow to, would anyone post it here OR send (if scanned, no matter) this piece of art to my e-mail? I remember reading it and wondering how to write poems in English... They sound as deep and funny as the author wants to.

Thanks and forgive-me running a bit out of our first purpose.


'Twas octal, and the synthetic codes

were scanned without a loss.

In and out of PRGM mode,

Byte-jumpers nybbled the CMOS.

"Beware 0 STO c, my son,

The MEMORY LOST, the keyboard lock.

Beware the NNN, and shun

The curious phase 1 clock."

He took his black box codes in hand,

Long time the backwards goose he sought;

The secret beast from Aitchpee land--

All searches came to nought.

In demented thought he stood, and then:

The goose, with LCD's alight,

A leap for every LBL 10,

Came honking left-to-right!

STO b! STO d!, and RCL P!

His keyboard went clickety-clack.

With the proper code in number mode

The goose came flapping back.

"And hast thou found the phantom fowl?

Come to my arms, my binary boy.

Let Corvallis hear us howl

As we chortle in our joy!"

'Twas octal, and the synthetic codes

Were scanned without a loss.

In and out of PRGM mode,

Byte-jumpers nybbled the CMOS.

--Apologies to Lewis Carroll

...and my apologies for any transcription error.

Luiz let me know if you want a scan of the page.



Hi, Massimo;

thank you very much. Mostly for the kind transcription.

I am trully thanked for the transcription; as I have lost the page itself, I´ll print it the way it's typed.

If you really can scan the page and send to my e-mail, I'll be very gratefull.

I am now confused; in which poem is this one based? And who wrote it?

Best regards.

"Keyboardlocky" is derived from Lewis Carroll's
poem "Jabberwocky" (from "Through the Looking Glass" which, I believe, followed "Alice in Wonderland".