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Full Version: HP-35S instructions on CD
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I received my HP-35S a few days ago and it had a pamphlet of basic instructions and the book was on CD. I feel cheated.
I notice blue text of small size against a black background has poor visibility. I suggest HP should do some research on improving visibillity.
The instructions are clear how to enter a 2 or 3 part vector or
complex number. It is silent on how to recall the parts manually or in a program. Any help, please!
I'm 80 and retired and have plastic lense implants.

There is no build in function to recall parts of vectors or complex numbers in the 35s. You have to use vector (or complex) math to retrieve them. For instance, you would multiply a 3D vector [3,4,5] with [1,0,0] to get the 3.

BTW, what do you mean the book is on CD? Is it the complete pdf manual of the 35s? If so, please post it!!


Edited: 25 Jan 2008, 3:16 p.m.

George wrote: "Is it the complete pdf manual of the 35s? If so, please post it!!"

Gene: Not sure that HP would be happy with that suggestion. Otherwise, they would probably have posted it themselves by now. I don't know why the PDF isn't available, but posting it yourself would probably be frowned upon.

The smaller manual is the 35s quick start guide that includes as much material as was possible into a 25 page limit. Sorry about that too.


My 35s came with a printed manual, and no start guide. Has this changed?


Thanks George, I thought of that possibility, it seems tthe only way to extract the parts of a vector. The HP-35S from Circuit City was $53, free shipping, tax only. It had only a pamphlet of about 20 pages, a quick start guide. The instructions are on CD. I am informed that is common practice now. It does say you can change both batteries at once for a limited time, calculator off. It is simpler than the 33s, no metal back plates.

I got my h35s from SamsonCables this week and it was the
same. A Quick Start Guide, no printed manual, only CD with
manuals in PDF (in English, Spanish, French, etc).

designnut: in page 24 of the Quick Start Guide they say
you can get the printed manuals at no cost from HP. This seems
to me quite inconvenient, and, in my case, probably of no use,
but there you are.