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Full Version: HP 12d Platinum 25th Anniversary Edition Review
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It may be 2008, but HP is still selling the 25th Anniversary Edition. Function wise, it is the pretty much the same as the 2003 "Silver 12c Platinum". However, that is where the simularities end.

I took my Silver 12c Platinum (my first 12c BTW) to an office store and compred the speeds of the Silver vs. the 25th Anniversary Edition and the Classic model. The Silver was the slowest. What lead me to buy the 12c 25th Anniversary Edition: memory, cash flows are up to 80 (from 30), better contrast of the keys, and the professional case.

If anyone asks about the 12c, I recommend the 25th Anniversary Edition.

I've ever bought an HP 12c Platinum 25th Anniversary Edition as a present to the little brother who is working for BOA.

Its look is cool and he liked it, but the feel of the keyswitch wasn't so good as the good old 12C was.

The most important difference compared with the 12C was as follows.

Using RPN mode,

instead of
on the 12cP/25th edition.
I don't like the behavior of this kind.


So-called the professional case never protect the corner of the calc.

You're right. The 12c seems to "ignore" the CHS command.

Adding insult to injury, the Silver 12c Platinum returned the latter and correct stack (Y: 10, X: -20) - which agrees with the 33s, 35s, 41c. However the 17bII+ ('03) version gets it wrong.

Sadly, this one may be going back. Thanks for the alert, Lyuka.

Edited: 23 Jan 2008, 9:35 a.m.

Well, maybe I'm wrong, but I tried the sequence


on my 12c and the result is correct (Y: 10, X: -20). Maybe you're referring to older models? My 12c is a CNA 2001 model.

Any ideas?

-- Antonio

Buona notte, Antonio,

if I got the message correctly, this bug affects the 12C Anniversary Edition only.



After talking to HP regarding the bug (which I call it, the rep didn't though), it turned out the CHS had to be "registered" for it to work. It is unique to the HP 12c (and the 2003 version of the 17bII+)

So the work-around to the problem is:
0 ENTER 10 ENTER CHS ENTER 2 X returns (X: -20, Y: 10)

Curiously enough, the newer 17bII+ "gold" (2005 and higher - I have CNA 64801611) returns the correct result with 0 ENTER 10 ENTER CHS 2 x returns (X: -20, Y: 10). Plus the Let and Get works (so far with the example given in this forum). Plus the keyboard is better - way better than the 2003 17bII+ (which sits next to the 04 49g+ as wall decorations yet to be put up)

Edited: 24 Jan 2008, 12:27 a.m.

I tried the 12c Platinum 25th Anniversary Edition. Liked the look and feel, wonderful high-contrast display, but ultimately went back to the 17B (classic version, not the 17BII or 17BII+) because of the powerful Solver, and the menu-driven approach is much easier for me to use, and less prone to mistakes. Even though the tiny dot-matrix characters are not as easy to read as the 12c P 25th AE, you get full alpha including special characters.

The 12c P 25th AE leather case is beautiful, but as Lyuka said, doesn't protect the corners (the most vulnerable parts!) at all. Go figure.