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Full Version: My New HP 11c and 15c
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I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before (it's not in search), but I finally did a "jailbreak" on my Ipod Touch and installed the HP-11c 12c 15c and 16c on it. Wow! They work great so far. Now I can have my favorite calcs and music all in one.

Pretty easy to use, too. (Sorry for the blurry photo.)


Great! Where did you download the software from?

-- Antonio

That's cute! :) And they fit the screen nicely. Enjoy!

How do the keys feel? ;^)


This is great stuff! Would it be possible for you to post a sequence of steps one has to perform to install said calculators on the iPhone/iTouch? If you deem it sensitive information, maybe you can send me an email?

Thanks so much and congrats, it really does look awesome!!



It's a Nonpareil port by Tom Fors:




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Hi Peter. Here is the web site that guided me throguh the steps:

It probably took 30 minutes to jailbreak the ipod. I didn't lose any files, movies, contacts, etc. It was fairly painless the entire way. Once it's jaibroken you can load up the "source" snipurl/hpcalc, and install the 11c 12c 15c and 16c. Here's a site that shows what they look like:click here

I believe the emulators are written by Tom Fors (EDIT oops, Gerson beat me to it with his reply above). I've only played with them for a few hours, but they're my favorite application for the ipod. I've checked the programming and integrating capabilities of the 15c, and all is good. The programs are even stored for later use. These are certainly the best applications for the ipod if you're a hp calc user.

Hopefully we'll find out today if Apple will allow these third party applications to run without having to jailbreak the thing. We'll see.


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I believe the emulators are written by Tom Fors

With a little help from Maciej Barosiak and me. And some others that helped with Nonpareil development.

Edited: 15 Jan 2008, 6:01 p.m.

It's fantastic. Kudos to all of you. CHUCK

Thanks Chuck!!

Chuck --

I don't have an iPod, but your "work-around" installation of the emulator software looks impressive!

-- KS

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