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Full Version: HHC2007 Conf Proceedings Available for Download
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The Printed Proceedings plus a handful of additional material
(including some slide presentation files) from the HHC2007 HP
Calculator Conference held last September is now available for
download. For those interested, go to the conference web page at
http://holyjoe.net/hhc2007/ and then halfway down the page below "Post
Conference Information", click on the link titled "Obtain Conference
Printed Proceedings & Materials Here".


Jake Schwartz

Hi Jake.

Thanks a lot for making the materials available!

I've already downloaded all of the docs, and I'm gonna read them as soon as possible!

Best regards.


P.S.: by the way, I'll never stop to thank you for the HHC 2007 calendar!!

Many Thanks for doing this for us - I'll enjoy reading it all!!

Thank you Jake! I am having a blast with the 41C I won at the auction last year.