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Full Version: HP 71B - installing memory modules
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I have not been able to find anything about installing memory modules in the 71B other than they go into the ports in the front of the 71B. I have a 34K memory module that I have tried on two 71Bs and in the younger version 71B (2CDCC) all I get is 1 0 0 with SHOW PORT - nothing in the older (1BBBB) version. I assume something has to be done aside from just plugging the first module into slot 1 when the machine is off. Is there a format or initilization proceedure that takes place after the module is inserted?

Just perfom MEM after inserting the module.

The SHOW PORT mechanism only applies if you defined logical ports with FREE PORT n.nn before.

Also refer to the manual for the related keywords: MEM, FREE PORT, CLAIM PORT, SHOW PORT, etc



Thanks for the response. MEM yields only the main RAM of the 71B - just 16908, what it was before inserting the 34K module. There is no increase in RAM. So nothing is required other than insertion of the module to obtain the additional RAM - no initilization or formating? If this is true than I have a dud module then.


Strange thing.

What's printed on the module case (all sides) ?


The largest surface has "32K RAM" at the insert end and "Corvallis Microtechnology" about mid way. Other than that, the front wedge which would be read on the outside of the computer says "32K RAM" Lettering is gold on brown label material - not printed directly on the plastic case.


So nothing is required other than insertion of the module to obtain the additional RAM - no initilization or formating?
Nope. The 71 had Plug-n-Play ten years before I heard any talk of it for PCs, and in my experience it has always worked flawlessly.

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Ok, so it's a CMT 32K RAM module.
From my experiences with these modules, they work 'plug_and_play'.

Since it doesn't seem to work as easily as it should with your unit,

you could try the following:

After a backup of your data, and _without_ the CMT module, perform a master reset on your HP-71.

This can be achieved by pressing and holding the ON key,

then pressing and releasing the '/' (Divide) key, then releasing the ON key.

INIT:1 should appear in the display. Press the '3' key on the num keypad, followed by ENDLINE.

'Memory Lost' will be displayed. Then turn the HP-71 OFF.

Insert the CMT module into the leftmost port (seen from front).

Turn the HP-71 ON. After a few seconds, the blinking cursor will appear.

Enter MEM. What is displayed ?


I did and have done this several times with both 71B's and in every case MEM only states 16908. I can only conclude at this point from what has been said that I have dud module.