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Full Version: Most Expensive Calculator Sale Seen?
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Can anyone tell me what is the most expensive HP calculator sale they have ever personally seen was? Auction or otherwise?

This could be an interesting thread.

John Kercheval


That one is to easy: 0 USD (or NOK or EUR or ...)

= a gift of course.

Hmmmh, is a gift a sale?? Hope this is not a philosophical question...

5 EUR for a 19B including manual, very good condition. Flea market, 2006. Of course, that was the cheapest sale and the buyer was me.


Do you have a receipt for this transaction?

Unfortunately not, sorry John.

Maybe we should think about the most interesting/valuable calculator we've been given... I can claim :
HP9100B, HP9810, HP9830, HP9815, HP9825, HP9831, many HP41s (including a 'Bug 1' ;-)), and several 'lesser' machines.

For a purchase, I bought a 17B-II in slipcase for \pounds 2.00 in a charity shop.

Are you asking for the most expensive sale of a single calculator or for a LOT of calculators? I am assuming that HP01 watches do not count for your purposes- there have been a number of threads on that $5000 sale?

What about that European lot that sold on an internet auction site some two months ago for $5,500 or so.

The two cheapest used calculators I bought are:

1) TI SR-10 for 99 cents. I gave the guy a dollar and he insisted on giving me change, feeling guilty for taking a whole dollar for the thing.

2) HP-19C for 2 dollars US. The batteries were dead, but the printer works. Cut the pack, put in a set of NiMHs, used a charger from the HP-IL accessories I have with the 41C, and it works fine. Now, if only I could find an inexpensive source of paper...

$400 or so recently for a mint condition hp xpander

Some of the NIB HP-41CX units from UK were more expensive;-)

And there was at least one HP calc which went for more than $1000 some time ago,

but I don't remember if it was a 10C, 35 red dot, 41CX, 29, 70, 95C, or what else...

I know that a 95C changed the owner in San Jose about eight years ago for about $1500.


BTW: I don't count the 01 as boxed and working ones usually go for more than 1K...

Was for an HP41CX, it ended about $1100

New in box HP15C: $1135.00 October, 2006

Temporary link to archived auction


Right now I'd say you are in the lead. Wow.

In 1978, I traded a used TI-58C for a "red dot" 1143A-serial HP-35 with leather case, manual, charger, hard case, reference card, and letter from HP saying the early ROM bugs had been fixed. I didn't know the significant of the red dot version at that time. Now, of course, I wish that the original ROM was still present. But I still think I came out OK.


In January 2007 there was a HP97 on sale, allegedly from the Los Alamos Laboratories. Two bidders pushed it up to USD 3250.
see post in this Forum

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