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Full Version: HP Portable Plus
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I am trying to "resurrect" my old HP110+ .

Believe it or not, I STILL have use for it.

Anyway, it has not been turned on in years does anyone know anything about new batteries, etc?


John Kercheval

I have the service manual and technical manual for the Portable Plus (along with 2 of the machines, video interface, and so on...)

Anyway, the battery is a lead-acid unit. Most machines came with a Panasonic 'block' battery, which may be hard to obtain. The service manual photos show a pack made up of 3 Cyclon cells (2.5Ah ones), which are available AFAIK. You need to connect them in series and connect them to the terminal board from the old battery.

One problem is getting the battery in/out. The manual tells you to bend the connecting strips out of the way, but to fit new ones every time. Experience of others suggests that they do break off very easily. I find it best to slacken the nuts holding them to the PCB so they can be moved off the battery terminals without bending, then to take the case apart, and then to remove/refit the battery.

Yes, I got it to 1/2 way boot up. dies when you pull the plug.

BUT it still does not boot all the way.

It gets to a point where it says:


then stops.

This is not a battery problem.


I am not sure if a Portable Plus will run off the adapter without a good battery installed. As is well-known, a lot of HP calculators won't.

Do you have an adjustable, regulated, bench supply? If so, try disconnecting the battery and the adapter and appling 6V from the bench supply to the battery connections on the mainboard.

No I do not have such a supply.

I suppose the battery must somehow be replaced.

John Kercheval