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Full Version: HP-20S and MEM command
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I read the manual and (I don't know how carefully, since...) couldn't find anything about the command to retrieve how many free programming steps or bytes are left on a HP-20S.
I know this is a minor point with 99 steps, but I guess it's boring having to enter PRGM mode, jump to 00 and get back one step to fall on the last instruction, since this procedure can be risky (press the wrong key and the program is modified or deleted).
On the keyboard nothing reveals such behavior.

This is not my daily calculator (I use it just for fun), so any help from real users?

-- Antonio

You have the right procedure, but you don't need to go into PRGM mode, you can enter: [GTO][.][.][backstep] in run mode or in program mode to see the last instruction used.

Right. Thanks.

-- Antonio