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Full Version: HP 95LX
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Does anyone know if the file transfer software from pc to the 95LX is out there as freeware? Just got one and I have the transfer cable for the 48SX, which is the same for the 95LX. I haven't tried it yet, but does the transfer software for the 48 work with the 95LX?


AFAIK the transfer software for the 95 and the HP-48 are not the same,

except for the KERMIT PC program.

I'd recommend to use either KERMIT or another terminal program

capable of emulating KERMIT or X-Modem, like Hyperterminal.

KERMIT is on the HP-48 connectivity kit disk, too.



Here's an older thread on just this topic with some more links to follow.

Edited: 19 Dec 2007, 3:50 a.m.

Thanks Katie. That thread helps. I do have the transfile win software, so I will give that a try.

Now all I need also is a SRAM card since I have the 512 K 95LX.