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Full Version: 12c does not display "running" anymore
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Has anyone come across this situation before? My 12c (the old gold one) fails to display "running" while running a program. I put a new battery in and the behavior is the same. If I enter a short program, it does display "running". But during my 57 line program, the screen is blank until the end, when the correct result is displayed.

Any ideas?

Don, do you have a clear sigma in your 57 liner?

Yes, as a matter of fact I do! Does that cause this behavior?

Hi Don, yes it can cloak the display. Cheers, Tony

Sometime ago, this behaviour was discussed here.


Luiz (Brazil)

Thanks Tony and Luiz.

I had not heard about this before. It apparently only affects the original 12c, because the 25th anniversary edition platinum does not exhibit this behavior.

Thanks again!