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Full Version: ACO in aussie newspaper
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I suppose you have read, but take a sight:

Where is Ian to tell us a new "true" ?

CdU de la ETSIG

No comments...

I can think of some coworkers at Intel who have been there a decade and never seen a project get out the door. In fact, in one meeting I was declared the odd-ball because I could claim a half a dozen shipped products in 15 years. ;-)

One project went on for 8 years (and $300,000,000) before being closed down. This stuff happens in high-tech all the time.

Hmmm, Dave, was that the iAPX432 multichip Ada processor?

Intel does have the luxury of funding all sorts of gambles, experiments, etc. since they can sell a given 1mm silicon, on average, for 2.5X-4X what other semiconductor mfgrs can (i.e, Motorola, Philips, TI, etc.)

-Bill Wiese
-San Mateo, CA

Darn! I'd buy one! The ACO guys were doing some COOL things!

They must have sold 500 of them at least! ;-) But that was a pretty good money looser too.

I was thinking of BiiN. A closely related later joint-project between Intel and Siemens.