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Full Version: Clamshell battery door
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I've seen a lot of comments about the door but haven't found a fix.

I have a 19b that came damaged but I fixed temporarily with my 28S door and rubber bands. This works but doesn't allow closing.

I'm thinking of screwing a metal tab over the batteries but there is so little space.

Has anyone got a solution?


Charlie O. in Phoenix

black electrical tape works great to keep the door and calc together. My 19B11 battery door is taped and you have to look closely to see the fix.

best wishes


I don't want to use the 28S door permanently. The 19B door is missing as well as a piece of the case which holds the door. I need a subtitute solution for the missing/broken door to hold the batteries in while allowing the calculator to close.

Thank you.

Charlie O.

I have used a layer or two of transparent packing tape (the stuff you use to seal cardboard boxes) over the battery door on my 28S. Works great, the calculator still closes and I can change the batteries easily enough.

- Pauli

I've made battery covers for other things (non-calculators) out of old credit cards before. For the 19B, just cut a piece so that it can be slid into the slots. Of course depending on the damage to your calc, this may or may not work. Plus the batteries on this model put so much force on the cover, the card plastic may not be stiff enough.

Edited: 25 Nov 2007, 4:17 p.m.