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Full Version: Amazon Sales of the HP 35s
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As of the time that I write this, the HP 35s is ranked #9 on the
Any category>e;ectronics>office electronics>calculators list. I say that this is very encouraging.


-- Antonio

just imagine what sales would HP45s make...


While it's fine the 35s is selling well, I'm not sure about the effect of a 45s. It may well cannibalize some sales of the 35s, because serious users may go to the top product immediately. On the other hand, how many serious users (i.e. above undergrad students and NCEES candidates) are there? With all the nice features we attribute to a 45s, any manufacturer must rely on these folks only. Our recent polls are not very encouraging in this point.

what about the HP35s polls? there was/is not any.

I think the only way we would ever see anything like an HP 45S from HP is if they stop making the 50g, which I doubt would ever happen. From HP's standpoint, I think they have the "upper end" covered with the 50g, and the "lower end" covered with the 35s.