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Full Version: HP49g keyboard shortcuts
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There are some well-known built-in shortcuts on the keyboard of 49g. For 1.19-5 or higher there are many:

·R-shift HOLD Enter - changes between exact and approximate mode.
·Down - opens appropriate editor for item on level one of the stack or history
·Right - swaps items on level one (RPN only)
·Up - accesses stack or history. Similar to HIST button
·Left - starts picture view to look at last graph or picture
·R-shift Down - displays full names of items in soft menu
·R-shift Right - X-modem server mode
·R-shift HOLD Right - Kermit server mode
·L-shift TOOL - toggles real/complex mode
·R-shift Function keys - recalls object
·L-shift Function keys - stores object (RPN only)
·L-shift HOLD PREV - jumps to the last menu you were in. (So if you go from the PRG menu into the MTH menu, this will jump back to the PRG menu)
·L-shift HOLD UPDIR - goes back to home, no matter how far down in a directory you are
·MODE +/- ENTER - toggles between Algebraic/RPN mode

Well, my biggest question is, are there even more build-in shortcuts on the 49g?

Here's a few more I use.

L-shift[hold] MODE - Old Modes menu from 48S/G (L-shift CST on 48G)

R-shift[hold] 9 - Old Time menu from 48S/G (L-shift 4 on 48G)

R-shift[hold] 7 - Assorted solver menus (can get to the original 48S solver in here)

There aren't any hidden shortcuts for the old 48S/G Plot and Stat menus, unfortunately, but you can assign short programs to keys of your choice to pull them up:

\<< 96.01 MENU \>>



...Gives you the Stat menu on USER R-shift 5, for example. Add a SysRPL takeover to the program object to make this work even if you're in an editor (use the \->TO? command from the Keyman library.)

Hi Alexander.

You might want to download the 49G+ Advanced User's Reference Manual and have a look at its Appendix G, "Keyboard Shortcuts".

You may find many helpful shortcuts, also because they say it's

the complete list of the "hidden" functions of the hp49g+/hp48gII keyboard

Hope this helps.

Best regards.


Thank you very much!!!