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Full Version: CATALOG on HP 41CV
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I just bought a used HP 41CV without manual. I am not sure how to use the CATALOG function: if I press <yellow key> CATALOG and a numeric key, I get a running list of functions. If I press R/S the listing stops; but how can I actually *use* the function I selected? Can anybody help me? (Excuse me for the basic question, it's the first time I put my hands on a 41).

If you got a 41 and no manual you propably will like this:

See page 60 and 140 for the CATALOG function.

And by all means support the museum by ordering the cd with the manual.


I found that you just have type the command using ALPHA (i.e. ALPHA SQRT ALPHA for square root). CATALOG only shows what you have.

True for command catalog (3) and extension catalog (2). But the user catalog (1) will position program counter at the beginning of the program.

A funny thing with the catalog function is that it works with indirect addressing. So a convoluted way to start the user program listing is to do:


STO 01


The funny thing is that I can not imagine this is usefull for anything :-)

In general the 41 runs in circles around a thing like the 35s when it comes to indirect addressing: Any register can be used to hold the address including stack registers and lastx.

So yet another funny way to start user program listing would been to do:



Suprise! Does not work (on mine): Operation (cat 3) listing starts. That is what this function does when get uknown catalog (i.e. catalog 5).

Either I am missing some or this is a bug in a useless feature!

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Hello Arne,

The easiest way to use the catalog function to access and execute user programs is to run cat 1 and then hit R/S to stop it, and then step through the listings with the SST key (you can go back with BST if needed). When the name of the program you want is displayed, exit the catalog using the clear key (right arrow). Pressing R/S will run the program.

Best regards, Hal

LOL :-)

I know! I did not mean you actual should fool around with indirect addressing when using the catalog! Just funny you can! AND there seems to be a bug there!

Hi, Arne;

I remember the first time I saw it and wondered the same. Indirect/indexed addressing is mostly usefull in programs (at least I think so), and CATalog is not programmable thru single keystroke (synthetic programming allows it, IIRC). So...

There is no way to add any feature to a system without convenient implementation, even when the feature is the result of using an existing routine (entry point). So, handling the return of the routine should be implemented in the calling CATalog main routine, and it seems that stack indirect addressing is not (CCD's CAT' implementation goes far beyond that, even far beyond CX´s CAT enhancements). In any way, the single-number PROMPT in the CATalog function seems to be the same used in TONE, and if TONE accepts INDirect addressing with either two-number registers or stack registers contents, chances are that the promptroutine itself is OK.

My 2¢.

Luiz (Brazil)

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