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Full Version: 50g - edit existing equation in EQW
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Suppose I have entered a long, complex equation with equation writer and tried it out with a known case and found that it is functioning as expected. I would like to take another look at the equation from within EQW - since it looks so nice there. How do I reopen it for editing? I know how to edit it as a standard line of text, but that EQW is so enticing!


With the equation on stack level 1, just press the CursorDown key to invoke EDITB, which, for an algebraic object, puts it into the equation writer editor.


Well. That is easy enough, I think I can remember it - thank you very much!


If anyone would rather edit the object in the command line editor, just use LeftShift CursorDown to invoke EDIT.

Personally, I find it easier to edit algebraic objects in the command line editor, although I do like the equation writer for viewing algebraic objects.