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Full Version: Dave Cochran Video Interview
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Dave Cochran wrote the code for the HP 9100 desktop calculator and HP 35 pocket scientific calculator. I interviewed him in honor of the HP 35's 35th birthday. It's a 1-hour video interview that premiered at the recent HPCC event in San Diego. It's now online at:


I hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for posting the video. It was very informative and interesting.

What's the HPCC?? Did I miss a conference between catching airplanes?

Is there a way to get an audio-only version of this? I'd like to listen to it in the car, since that's the only time I've got where I can listen to a one-hour interview.

Thanks, Stefan

Edited: 24 Oct 2007, 10:18 p.m.

What's the HPCC?? Did I miss a conference between catching airplanes?

Hi Namir,

I think we have a slight misnomer here. The U.S. conferences have been nicknamed "HHC200x" and the British every-5-year conferences in London (including the one which happened eleven days ago) were nicknamed "HPCC 200x". So this year, we had HHC2007 in San Diego in September and HPCC 2007 at the Imperial College in London in October. I was the only attendee from the U.S. and enjoyed the two-day even throroughly. There were just shy of 30 attendees and we were treated to some great hospitality and presentations, as usual. (It was my 4th time to an HPCC conference, going back to the 1992 Tenth-Anniversary bash...) I did videotape the entire event and will edit those tapes as soon as I'm done with the San Diego one (which is underway). (By the way, I wonder if the HP facility at Rancho Bernardo is affected by the fires...?)

Jake Schwartz

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I'll look into making an audio file available. Meanwhile, I must apologize for mixing up the HHC and HPCC.


Thanks Jake. I have seen the HPCC in several threads with the assumption that the rader knew what it was.

Sounds like your trip to the UK was fun. I look forward to seeing the videos when they become available.


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