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Full Version: HP 35s question
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Is it possible to recall from the stack (RCL stack T, Z, Y)?

Thanks for your help.

Bill :-)

While programming (ALG, RPN), just use the "R down" key and you'll be presented with a choice for X, Y, Z and T. Use left and right arrows and ENTER to choose. In RPN calculator mode you only have "R down". In ALG you'll see the X,Y,Z and T choice after pressing "R down".

Edited: 22 Oct 2007, 5:09 a.m.

If I remember correctly (my 35s isn't in front of me at the moment), in RPN mode, press any key that brings up a menu (e.g. Flags) and then press RollDown, and you'll get a menu of stack registers. Pressing one recalls that register (or inserts a REG_ instruction if you're in PRGM mode).


In RPN, if you are in PRGM mode this method allows to review the stack content and insert a REG_ instruction without needing to press the EQN key. In RUN mode, it only allows to review the content of the stack, not to recall the values, unfortunately.

Look at this link for more details.



Thanks to all, that did it.

Bill :-)