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Full Version: HHC2007 Commemorative HP Calculator Calendar Status
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For those who ordered HHC2007 calendars, the first 37 have been
shipped, which is all the extra we had after the San Diego conference
concluded. Another 50 have been printed and shipped to me, which I
expect to have in a few days for filling additional orders. If you
have not yet received an email from me indicating that your calender
has been shipped, your order should be filled within the next couple
of days.

There are still around 30 more available from this new batch which
have not yet been ordered. Currently, we have no intention to print
any more after that. If you have any interest in obtaining a calendar,
please consult http://holyjoe.net/hhc2007/hhc2007%20calendar.htm .


Jake Schwartz


I know you're a busy man. May I hazard a request for an HHC2007 DVD completion date?


May I hazard a request for an HHC2007 DVD completion date?

Hi Pal,

I'm really going to try to edit both the San Diego (HHC2007) and London (HPCC 2007) conferences back-to-back, starting this weekend. I would love to have it all completed by the end of November, if possible. The two together total around 24 hours and were each done as a two-camera shoot so both speaker and his slides could be viewed. When it's done, the details will appear (as always) at http://www.pahhc.org/video.htm and I'll keep you posted here as well.




I recieved my calender today. After next year I'll put it together with my copy of Mier-Jedzejowicz's "Guide". Thank you for all of your efforts.