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Full Version: Any other HP calculators whose ROMs differ because of Int'l requirements, beside HP-17bII+?
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For the last days I was busy to implement the German 17bII+ routines (onto my 200LX) which apply to special aspects of (an older) German consumer law concerning the representation of APRs (effective interest rates).

(The German law by the way, is based on rules to account for interest accumulated during the year in a special way, different from eg. ISMA rules).

The examples and a solver equation are described in the German version of the 17bII+ manual only - because they only appear in the menu of the calculator, if you've choosen German as the menu language!

Unfortunately the solver equation described in the Appendix of said manual was incomplete - so it took me some time to solve the puzzle of missing functions and I finally got it working.

(German speaking readers needing this solver equation - which resembles the STAFF menu on said calculator - should contact me by PM).

In the process of working on my problem, I thought of the ramifications of that special German part of the calculators firmware.

As we all know, changing or adding to an existing piece of software, already working flawlessly, might introduce unwanted "side effects" - can someone spell L() & G() problems on the 17bII+ ...

So beside hinting to HP engineers working on an updated 17bII+ to look into the effects of that German "speciality", I wondered if there are other calculators, which do contain routines especially implemented to serve the purpose of other certain Int'l environments.

Any other "hidden" treasuries out there?

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt

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Edited: 16 Oct 2007, 6:57 p.m.