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Full Version: "14B - Fail 8" Message
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Hello to all,
I repeat the question that I found in the archive - no response was there:

"14B - Fail 8" Message
Message #1 Posted by David Jobusch on 15 Sept 1999, 8:36 p.m.
I've received email from someone asking about a problem they
are having with their HP 14B. When the calculator is powered on,the display shows "14B - Fail 8".
I don't have a 14B manual handy--does anyone know what this message means or can look this up for me?

Do you have a solution for me? The error 8 is displayed and I don't know what to do now. Thanks a lot for any help.
Best regards

Hello Barbara,

Actually, this is the kind of message that you receive after a failed self-test. To clear it, you have to press and hold the "C" key and press the "PV" key then release both. If that does not work you can try this: press and hold "C", press and hold "N" and press "E+" (the summation key) then release them. That should reset the calculator and clear the memory.

There must be a problem with the machine. Try the self-test again with "C" + "PMT" for you to see if you get the error message again.



Thanks a lot for the solution
Best regards