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Full Version: Need help transitioning from 41/42 to 33/35
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I am a Land Surveyor & was once reasonably competent at programming the 41 & 42. Now I have a 33 & a 35 and want to bring my programs over to them (as I did to the 42).

Can I implement the "KEY x GTO nn" functionality?

I liked the 42 SOLVER function - Can I make the 33/35 work similarly (with the variables shown in the bottom row of the display)?

Should I be trying to use equations more within the programs?

I appreciate any help.

PS - HP (if you're out there)I would vote to bring back the 42s with time functions & a USB I/O computer interface (though I was never wild about the ALPHA input system).

1) No KEY X GTO NN functionality.

2) No soft menu keys in the bottom row of the screen.

The 35s is not built upon the same programming scheme as the 42s and programs will require a good bit of modification to run on the new model. Suggestions?

Spend some time with the 35s owners manual.

Then go through the 35s learning modules found here:

35s modules

It may also help to read through the HP 35s Datafile special issue found here:

Datafile special issue


Thank you for your reply. I think that I knew the answer all along (my 41 mentor used to remind me to read ALL of the manuals EVERY YEAR).

Now I won't be looking for things that are not there.

Take Care,

Bill :-)